If you missed all the social media buzz about the just concluded South African Music Awards #SMA22, you can catch the red carpet looks here on the blog. Speaking of the just concluded Award Show, the SMA's are undoubtedly one of the biggest entertainment events in South Africa, bringing out all the best and most fashionable A-list celebrities in the music and entertainment Industry, it was truly a night of expectations. Unfortunately, one person didn't expect her night to go the way it went. The uber-sexy and beautiful,  Boitumelo Thulo; actress and Tv/media personality decided to turn things up a notch at the event in her very stunning and very sexy sheer blue lace, floral embellished plunge-neckline cape dress. She caused quiet a stare when she hit the red carpet...she truly was a bombshell.

Unfortunately for Boity, a red carpet disaster struck when her dress decided to take a leap of faith...revealing a bit of her priceless girlies. She also went with the no under-garments memo so she literally left it all out there...i mean we dont have to wonder or imagine anything :( It was all out there. Sadly, Boity didn't know so i'm guessing she strut the red carpet like a pro and went on feeling herself the entire award show. I mean if the disaster didn't happen and her dress didn't give people something to talk about, Boity would have been one of the sexiest looks of the night. 

My thoughts; One of the first things to put in mind when attending any big show/event where you have to work the Red Carpet is firstly, always prepare for emergencies or disasters. Its a red carpet, you are going to be photographed a lot and from all angles so be extra sure you have everything in place. We see a lot of Hollywood celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner clan, the Hadid's and other super models hit the red carpet almost naked but they still manage to keep everything in least everything they dont want us to see. Its really not rocket science how they do it, they are just prepared for all possibilities. Trust me, a Wardrobe Malfunction is any woman's worst nightmare and it can happen to anyone, no one is above such a dreadful experience. 

Normally i would say BEWARE OF SHEER, but can we really? See how stunning Boity's dress looks. When you have to go for sheer clothing, knowing that it is see-through, DONT forget to have on a skin-tone camisole, spanks or undergarments. That will invariably avert any possible exhibition disasters and prevent you from going full Commando. Next time, Boity and her glam team should note this. Ladies...please dont ever leave your house without under-garments!!! No matter how sexy you feel about yourself or how revealing your outfit is, always make an extra-effort to cover up the delicate parts of your body...there is nothing like feeling way to sexy and too comfortable with your body and there is definitely something like unknowingly showing-off a little extra skin. Sorry Boity, may this be the last of your wardrobe malfunctions. 

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Ivy Marshall