Hey all! Lets head to the red carpet and see which of our favorite celebrities are making waves and which of them are making us wonder *raised brow* .... Its another round of HIT! or MISS?

MMA Wrestler Anastasia Yankova stepped out to attend the 2016 Spike Tv's Guys Choice Award. For the event, the Wrestler hit the red carpet wearing a black halter play suit, which showed off her numerous tattoo's anchored by a black low block-heeled platform sandals . What do you think bout her Look? Is it a HIT! or a MISS?....My thoughts; Personally i think she could have made a little more attempt to look red carpet ready. She looks like she was going out to watch an MMA match. Her make up looks great but between her two-toned blonde and blue hair do and her entire outfit including the low heels, i think she could have done better. What do you think? 

For The Season 4 Premiere of Devious Maids in West-Hollywood, Dania Ramirez one of the Show's star stepped out in some gold and silver shorts with a flare cape attached paired with a matching gold top and some black platform sandals. What do you guys think? HIT or MISS? Although, her body looks incredibly great in the outfit, i dont like it. I think it looks very unflattering and the top doesn't fit. Its a no for me, MISS!

Nigerian designer Toju Foyeh stepped out to attend a costume party. For her look, she sported a self-made "Mallificent The Movie" all black costume and paired it with some strappy sandals. Thoughts? I love this! From the Mallificent horns to the stick and her tulle cape sequence jumpsuit, i say she nailed this look magnificently. A big HIT!!! What do you think? 

Kelly Rowland hit the pink carpet at the 2016 Ladylike Foundations Women Of Excellence Luncheon sporting a pink one hand midi dress which she paired with some nude sandals. What do you think HIT or MISS? I didn't think Kelly Rowland could do any wrong by me until this recent look. Its a MISS! in my opinion...she looks like a fancy female Egyptian Palace attendant. *covers face* I still love me some Kelly but this look...not so much.

Lastly we have the always bright and bubbly Gwen Stefani. Out and about in Los Angeles, the rock-star headed to church in a colorful ensemble...Thoughts? HIT or MISS? I dont hate it but i definitely dont love it. Gwen Stefani is known for her colorful and eccentric style so this whole look is expected from her.

What do you think about the looks, do you have contrary thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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Ivy Marshall