Serena Williams hit the red carpet for the Delta Airlines' Baseline Sessions karaoke party at the Leicester Square hotel in London. For the event, the 34-year-old Tennis Ace sported a white crop top with spaghetti straps, showing off her "abs of steel" (darn girl! way to make us feel bad today) she left one strap off the shoulder revealing her lacy black bra (hmm). She paired her white crop top with matching white pants and a black pointy heel. Okay guys i want you to go back and take a good look at that picture before you continue. Done that? Now i can ask... what do you think of this look HIT or MISS?

Yes those abs of steel are enviable and yes she is a very talented athlete and i'm in awe of her but girllllll (in Sheneka's voice) you look a hot mess! Firstly, dont ever leave your strap down again if you are going to expose your undergarment (especially if its not the Victoria Secret 1 million dollar bra), secondly fire your make up artist and get one that doesn't let you walk out of the house with tacky wings on your eyes and that hot mess of a brow. Thirdly... okay so no thirdly just those two *massive grin*. Anyways, for me its a MISS Missy!

 Next week she begins her quest to win a seventh Ladies' Singles title at Wimbledon. So good luck in advance to her, i'm seriously rooting.

What do you think, do you disagree with me? Leave your thoughts.

Ivy Marshall