20-year-old Kendall Jenner hit the streets of NYC today leaving LITTLE or nothing to our imagination. Firstly, the model was sported in a green bomber jacket paired over a sheer black top which revealed her boobs. Gone are those days when a nip slip was an unintentional mortifying accident. These days, it seems it almost okay to work around bare-chested. I understand Kendall is a model and has a great career ahead of her and she is in NYC but i am not a fan of this look. Kendall is my favorite of her sisters (not like that matters) so i tend to expect a lot from her...i see her having the brightest future. 

Maybe it was the weather but Kendall lost her bomber jacket and voila! it was all out there...what are your thoughts on Kendall's look for the day, HIT! or MISS? 

When she had the bomber jacket on, i thought okay...peek a boo, i see Paris and France but that's just because i'm stressing too see it lol. But when she took off the jacket and strut the streets like it was no mans business, it was just Boo! I love Kendall but there is no need to work around flashing people. Before you say i am being dramatic and she flashes a lot on magazine covers and on the runway, i just want to remind you that this was just a normal day and she was going out with her fellow model friends to a tattoo parlor...we didn't have to be reminded that she was a Kardashian-esque. So i'm going to say MISS.

Meanwhile her outfit was very on point, the patent boots are very chic. Her jeans are by a label called Re/Done who take vintage Levi’s jeans and deconstruct the denim to create brand new designs.

Do you have contrary thoughts? Leave your comments below. In the main time...

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