If you dont know Nick Jonas for his music, you should know him for his impeccable and unblemished style. He has come along way from being the youngest of the Dynamic musical trio that was the "Jonas Brothers". Growing up on the silver screen, Nick has always been a heartthrob and since the dissolution of the group he has gone forward with his musical career and is still gracing our screens with his awesome music. But thats not why he is being featured here today... He is the subject of my "Closet Raid" because he has the best Closet full of "Jackets". Read more

Working behind the scenes, i see a lot of celebrities and what they look like on and off the screens and red carpets. Nick caught my attention with his sleek and dapper style. He clearly loves his jackets!!! Leather Jackets, Biker Jackets, Blazers, Denim Jackets...he is a jacket man. Although i wasn't really able to gather all the names of his designer jackets (my bad), that wasn't going to stop me from sharing his phenomenal collection of Jackets with you guys. So enjoy.

Sleek right? He loves his jackets and they make him look great. For you men out there, it is important to find your style and stick with what makes you look great. I dont mean you should be conventional and boring wearing only one form of clothing (ladies dont like that). Just know what complements your body type and your entire look and work with it. Cheers!

Ivy Marshall