Hey love bugs how is your day coming so far...great? Today i'm here to share a possible life and money saving tip for us ladies. As the caption reads, How to fix your broken make up Palettes. We all know how much of a world-crisis it is when you accidentally drop any make up product you have and it shatters into pieces...Disaster! Well worry no more and read more lol.

Imagine how upset i felt when i found out there was a solution to this and it was everywhere online urghh!!! To think i have angrily lost a lot of Mac Studio-Fix Powder's, eye shadow's et al to this slip and drop disaster. I remember one time, i literally threw my iPhone away just to save my Mac powder from dropping lol! I might have lost my tempered screen, but that wouldn't have been as bad as loosing my priceless powder. 

I know a lot of ladies out there, suffer similar problems. I mean it could be your compact powder or your highlight, your eye-shadow palettes any of your solid make up products, well thank God they all can be fixed by this method so listen up and follow this step by step procedure. 

Step 1; Assemble your shattered make up product back into its compact case 

Step 2; Get some Rubbing alcohol, you can purchase this from your local drugstores or pharmacy's. It is basically just denatured alcohol mainly used as antiseptics or spirits. Before you proceed to the next step, remember to crush the left over solid particles into a finer texture for easy absorption of the alcohol. Mash it up! (in my reggaeton voice) 

Step 3: Pour in your alcohol until it is fully absorbed, remember to measure the alcohol being poured with the amount of make up product left. Start with small amounts of alcohol until it is fully absorbed by the product. 

Step 4: Mix! After pouring in the alcohol, once the product has a malleable texture use your finger or a small spatula to flatten it back into the pan...Remember to try making it as flat as possible.

Once fully mixed and flattened out in the pan, allow it to sit for a while if possible over night. Once it has settled, all the alcohol will dry up and your product will be as good as new. Easy Peasy! This will save you the heartbreak and most importantly making that trip back to your make up store and spending some money. pheww! Why didn't i ever think of this...well now i know and you do too, dont forget to share with other ladies, this 4 step process will save you a lot. 

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Ivy Marshall