If you haven't noticed them already, thank me! And if you have...read on!

The clear heeled shoes have been one of the most interesting trends to hit the Fashion Scene's this year 2016. And with Summer slowing lurking around the corner, expect to see more of them and  plan to get one. I dont always encourage ladies to get in-line with all trends and i am not about to, but this is a must-have. They are so gorgeous and so fashion-forward, so if you are planning on making a fashion-statement this summer, this should be on your must-have list. 

Once upon a time ladies, the clear-heeled shoes or the transparent heeled shoes (whichever way you refer to them) used to be a risque fashion faux pas, simply because they were synonymous with the stripper look...yeap! But like every other thing in fashion these days, they have been re-invented and our fashionita's are now rocking them with so much fashion guts and confidence on and off the runway and nowhere near poles. Since 2013,when  the clear-heeled shoes first made its appearance on the  MBFW Spring/Summer runways, they have gradually worked their way back into our closet's and now our hearts. Fast-forward to 2016, this shoes were Springs biggest hits and now with summer slowly approaching, expect to see them everywhere.

Like most trends this year, trust the Kardashian-Jenner clan to take the lead in sporting the clear heels. Kim has been photographed wearing a number of clear heels with her new eccentric street style. The most popular of Kim's clear-heeled shoes has to be the ones off her Husband's new shoe collection "Yeezy's" which the reality star has been seen rocking on several occasions. The same pair Kourtney was photographed wearing just yesterday at the GQ bash in Los-Angeles.

Kourtney made an all white appearance at the GQ bash looking drop-dead-gorgeous. She paired her white get-up with the Yeezy season 2 clear-heeled sandals. 

 To get Kourtney's Yeezy sandals, you can shop the look here

  Fashion forward Jenny of the @Poloavenue posed fashionably, rocking her nude clear-heeled sandals.

Kylie Jenner isn't left out of this summer trend must-have-heels, the brunette beauty has been seen sporting a couple of them this year. 

 Although this denim clear heel ankle boots may not be the same as Kylie's, they are a great look-for-less and for £39.99 here you too can rock this babies.

Instagram fashion & beauty blogger Klaudia Badura paired her Public desire nude clear heel sandals with some ripped denim and a tank top. Casual and trendy right? For just £29.99 you can get yours too. Shop the shoes now here 

 Instagram bombshell Amrezy's clear heeled ankle boots are from Simmi Shoes, a brand that has a variety of this summer hot heels. Head to Simmi Shoes and get Amrezy's heels for just £40.00 here
I think i like this, showing you where to get this items...this should be my new thing (more action less talk). We ladies all need to stay fabulous and fashionable. 

Ladies, i cannot begin to emphasize this uniqueness of this fashion trend, the list of all our favorite celebrities who have jumped on this wagon goes on and on. It is stylish, unique and can be worn with practically anything.  Would you be trying on this trend anytime soon? Let me know your thoughts. Most importantly...

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Ivy Marshall