Undoubtedly one of the most popular bags on the planet, The Givenchy Antigona bag is one fashion item that is here to stay forever. Despite its been around for a long time, the popularity of this master-piece only seems to be growing. Spotted on the arms of virtually almost every famous and fashionable person on the planet, it is only safe to conclude that this fashion item  is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Like many other trends and new luxurious designer items, the hype is always over-the-top upon release. Celebrities are the first to take them out for a spin, the fashion-forward ladies rush out to the stores to purchase them and everyone walks around rocking their fancy new luxurious item all in a bid to stay on trend. Unfortunately, trends dont last forever...They fizzle out after a few months, maybe years but this has not been the case of the Givenchy Antigona bag. It hit the fashion scenes with full force and is still dominating 5 years later. With new designs flooding the fashion shelves and streets, the bag hasn't lost an ounce of class and sophistication, that's how i know it is the ultimate bag and totally worth the splurge. 

For $995 to $7.900 if you want to go overboard and snag yourself the Ostrich duffel, you can make that trip to the store and get yourself one of this fancy babies. Personally, i think it is totally worth the splurge and every lady should own at least one pair of a good quality handbag not just because it is a trend in vogue but because a good quality bag is very important to every lady's style. It says a lot about your person and my best reason; they never depreciate in value. A good quality bags to women is like a fancy sport car to a man...they give you that confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction that is un-explainable

You can tell i am a huge fan of the Givenchy Anitgona Tote right?! The form, shape, structure i am just obsessed with the uniqueness and quality of this bag. Thinking of celebrating a milestone and making a splurge on yourself in the fashion department, invest in some timeless fashion piece like the "Antigona" and thank me later!

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Ivy Marshall