It is safe to say the Nigerian traditional head-wraps, popularly known as the "gele" is nothing like it used to be. Just like trends come every now and then and modern fashion evolves, the traditional fashion refuses to be left behind. With the help of very creative minds and fashion influencer's across Nigeria and the rest of the worldwide African community, i present to you the new and improved "gele".

If you are an African, particularly a Nigerian like me, you ought to know how symbolic the "gele'' is to our culture and the African fashion in general. No true African attire is complete without a "gele" to drive home the fashion. Simply put, "gele's" are the perfect icing on top of every female African attire, our fashion crowns and we ladies wear it with pride. Gele's have been around for as long as i can tell, our ancestors probably invented this fashion statement and we picked it up gloriously from them. The "gele" or head wrap just comprises of a piece of fabric wrapped around the head in a distinctive manner to form a sort of crown or an elegant cultural head wrap. No just any fabric can be used to achieve the "gele" look and style, special fabrics like the African "Asoke" is a fabric of preference.   

For as long as the "gele's" have been around and in vogue, they have been known by their distinctive round shape, perfectly sited and fastened on the heads of ladies and complementing the rest of their African attire. Thanks to fashion and its rapidly evolving ways, our Gele's maestro's have revamped the typical "gele"and put it in a distinctive fan style that brew my curiosity and interest. I first saw it via one of its original inventors Oluwafunmilola Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers (@abekemakeovers) and thought hmm what's that...i'm never wearing that lol. But like most trends that grow on you i came to admire it and trust me, the Nigerian ladies are loving this new style. Its different, its creative and very unique, not to mention it adds a little unconventional drama to that African attire. 

As you may know, African ladies dont joke with their distinctive attires and are always willing and ready to dress up and pride themselves with their beautiful cultural heritage via their fashion. I am very impressed to see how the African fashion and beauty guru's are pushing the envelopes and being more creative with our unique and versatile culture, i can only hope and wait on to see what more inventions they have rolled up their sleeves in the nearest future. What are your thoughts on this new and improved style of tieing the "gele"? Would you be switching things up soon and adopting this FAN-cy new style of tieing the gele? Leave your thoughts...

Credit: @abekemakeovers (Instagram) 

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