You might be wondering what differentiates this post from a host of other fashionable looks you get to see here on the blog all day, well dont stress your pretty head wondering. The "Pretty girl Swag" post is dedicated to ladies who ooze a certain confidence and charisma that come from their "different" take on the everyday female fashion. In my dictionary, Swag means confidence...not the confidence you feel when you wear a nice dress or a conventional designer shoe. The confidence you feel when you step out in something no one else is thinking of or expects to see you in. Swag is more like an attitude..Be inspired by some feisty looks from our pretty girl's who have got swag.

Khloe Kardashian

Stacey Ferguson 

Amra Olevic

Serayah McNeil

Barbara Palvin

Gigi Hadid

Kefi Wemabote



Kim Kardashian

Khadijat Sanni

What are your thoughts... Inspired?

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