The Sunglasses have been a huge trend since as far back as the 1990's and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Every man should at least own a decent pair of sunglasses not just in anticipation of sunny days but because they are an absolute fashion necessity. Summer is around the corner and if you are looking to stay fly and on trend, this should be your next splurge.

Sunglasses dont only make you look cooler, they also bring your look into focus, while serving their purpose as protective eye-wear which prevent high-energy visible light and bright sunlight from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Its a win-win with the sunglasses really because they could take your look from casual or corporate to cool and still protect those eyes.
Thankfully, Sunglasses can translate with almost any style from your regular business suit, 9-5 boring office fashion to casual street style, holiday getaway look or even on a date with the boo. Even when being fashionable isn't the first thing on your mind, throwing on a pair of sunglasses are the easiest and fastest way to trendy-up your look.

Sunglasses vary in types and prizes but an unspoken secret of men's sunglasses is that a good pair will last forever, so you may as well make it count. Unless you're the kind of guy who tends to lose items this size, a pair of designer sunglasses in a classic style will never go out of fashion and will never be rendered unusable by simple wear-and-tear.  A pair of Ray Ban's which are the most timeless designer glasses ever made or some classic Tom-Ford's or Gucci are just a few in the sea of designer glasses you can splurge on. Yes! before you raise a brow, they are absolutely worth the splurge.

For me, sunglasses are my top choice for most important/powerful men’s accessory. They can easily up the cool factor of any outfit and give a flash of your personality. On the downside, a bad pair of sunnies can bring a whole look down. Like shoes and watches, sunglasses are one area a guy really needs to bring it, lets not forget how important they are in avoiding unnecessary eye contact (yes...we ladies know what you guys are up to behind those shades). 

Hurry now and get your classic sunnies fella's...then thank me later. 

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Ivy Marshall