Fashion is all about comfort and feeling good with yourself, something we all seem to be forgetting these days. Most people, especially us the ladies are willing and ready to compromise our comfort for glamorous fashion statements and 6" stilettos. We fall for the phrase "fashion is pain" but should it be?! Are a few minutes of public recognition really worth enduring the pain alone? Besides, who said you cant look good and be comfortable at the same time. I am a big fan of heels trust me, they take your look from casual to chic and classy in seconds but sometimes you have to ditch those heels for the comfortable flats.

We see most of our A-list celebrities and fashionista's strut day -to-day in fancy heels and stilettos, make no mistakes, this ladies know how to make a drastic switch from fancy heels to flats just to keep them comfortable so dont be that lady that emulates the fancy and forgets the literal or your comfort. A pair of comfy fancy flats or sporty sneakers or slippers can also make any look work if properly executed. It may be hard to pull of being on trend and being comfortable but hobbling around with sore feet and blisters are never a good look. 

We recently just saw Julia Roberts walk bare-footed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, that was a moment in fashion history as the Fashion police at the Annual event are known for their strict. upright rules when it comes to fashion appearances. At the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, multiple guests were reportedly turned away from the screening of Cate Blanchett’s "Carol" for being inappropriately dressed. And what was their sartorial crime? For wearing -- sacré bleu -- flats instead of high heels. I guess now they understand the need for comfort especially at this lengthy events and on he red carpet.

Another surprising barefoot appearance was the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. On her visit to the India and Bhutan with Prince William, slipped off her shoes during a visit to the Gandhi Smiriti museum revealing her toes. Fashionista's and Podiatrist's were concerned over the state of the duchess feet as they were not only unpolished but they were damaged from the constant pressure of squeezing them into pumps. This has caused them to change shape and photographs revealed they were forming corns, clawed toes, fallen arches and bunions. 

Luckily, one of the biggest trends for the 2016 Summer/Spring has been flats shoes. From regular sneakers to platform sneakers in all colors, shapes and sizes to sooth your comfort. Besides, i think flats can be smartly executed, pairing them with jeans, dresses or shorts and skirts and still staying on trend while looking super comfortable all day long. 

Comfort over fashion is becoming the new range, even for our very fashionable stiletto advocates. Victoria Beckham once said in 2008 "I cant seem to concentrate in flats" now her words have changed when asked in February by the UK Telegraph, she says "I just cant do heels anymore, at least when i am not working" lol who would think that would ever be the case with the spice girl...She has hung up the Manolo's and Loubs for good!

I am not entirely an advocate of the get rid of heels, God knows i love my heels but over the years i have resorted to wearing lower heels. The 6" have been turned in for 3" and honestly they look even more classier and more comfortable. Also when  opting for heels, steer clear of the skinny stiletto as they offer no stability and support. Be aware of your posture, you should be wearing the heels and not the heels wearing you.   

Even the big O, knows the importance of having a pair of loafers in hand.

Invest in a nice pair of flats when next you decide to make a fashion splurge. Also remember ladies, it is look good and feel great with yourself and your look but dont put your fashion before your comfort.

Ivy Marshall