Its no secret these days, that Hollywood newest mother's have super powers (have you been seeing their instantaneous snap backs...Holy!) . One minute they are pregnant and fabulous and strutting the streets and red carpets in stilettos with their bumps and the next minute the bump is gone, the baby is out and they are back on the fashion scenes without breaking a sweat. I dont know how they do it (all fabulous mothers out there in general) and i admire them because that's real strength. Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and wife of award winning musician John Legend has been no exception to this, she recently just gave birth to her adorable baby "Luna" and is already out and about looking fabulous.

Chrissy never looked better all through her pregnancy, she was out and about promoting her new book so she was everywhere. Her pregnancy didn't hold her back or slow her down, she hit every red carpet looking mind-blowing in fabulous designer dresses and ensembles. I was obsessed and waiting on her every look. Now her beautiful baby is here and one would think she would take a break of being so glam but who are we kidding...The new mum is back on the scenes and in her man's arms ready to conquer the world of fashion and entertainment. 

 The new mum made her way to the Good Morning America Show in NYC in a green sleeveless bodycon dress paired with some gold sandals.

 For the premiere of the "Turn me Loose" play in NYC, Chrissy slipped into a black silk plunge-neckline dress with a thigh-high slit as she strut the streets along side her dapper looking hubby who complemented her look in a blue tux.

She looks incredible and confident in her post-baby body, but not everyone agrees. Teigen has since revealed to People how she’s handled the online criticism she’s received since she bounced back so quickly after her pregnancy.

“I think some people actually get really weirded out if you do bounce back too quickly because you really should be at home with this little thing and taking care of her and not so concerned. But you’ll never have the right answer and you’ll never be right to everybody, so you just live and do what you can do best.”- Chrissy Teigen

 A more covered up Chrissy strut the streets of NYC in a black two-piece suit with a revealing bralet underneath (did i say covered up lol) 

This was a few weeks after Chrissy had her baby, she hit the streets in short shorts as she strolled around with her family. You know, i like Chrissy because she is a confident woman, its not just about looking beautiful or having a pretty face or storming the scenes right after having a baby in shorts so you feel sexy again. She has always gotten a lot of criticism, being a model, people referred to her as being "bigger" than she ought to be but that never stopped her from walking around wearing whatever she likes and feeling comfortable with herself. To a large extent, being fashionable is about being comfortable in your own skin and being able to do or wear whatever you like (unless your Madonna who needs to get a grip of her self and some clothes lol).

 If you gat it flaunt it! Chrissy was out in another plunging look, this time she stepped out looking red hot in a Mason by Michelle Mason red dress.

 To finish the look, she threw on a camel coat and paired her outfit with a gold clutch and matching delicate gold Stuart Weitzmann open-toed sandals.

Out and about in Hollywood she put on a camel leather jacket and some leather pants with a bandage long-sleeve top.

 When your wife looks this good, every night sure will be date night! Chrissy and John stepped out looking fabulous as always, Chrissy slipped into an  Asilio Material Girl black top and a matching sheer Knit skirt, while John complemented her look in a classic black on black tux.

 The supermodel showcased her enviable legs three weeks after giving birth to baby Luna in a black leotard and black denim shorts with a Givenchy Black Tuxedo Jacket anchored by a  pair of Gianvito Rossi Black and White Ankle Strap Sandals. Mummy duties haven't made her any less fashionable. 

I am sure you'll agree with me that Chrissy Teigen definitely takes the title of the Ultimate Snap-back and most fashionable new mommy. She is truly inspirational. Dont be that lady that rolls your eyes and says "i dont know what she has been up too behind closed doors" be the lady that uses people like Chrissy to motivate yourself, into looking your best. I see a lot f new mum's go coy and allow their thoughts of their newly gained weight eat them up and make them withdraw from socialization in general. I am not a mum and dont have a clue what the experience would be like post par-tum but there are a few things i dont have to be a mum to know. Firstly, i think it all starts from making an effort, make an effort to look the way you want to could wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable, start on moderate exercises, get that hair done!!!...apply a little make up if necessary, just things that help boost your physical appearance. A confident wife and mother makes for a proud Husband and dad...he wont ditch you when going for occasions because he will be to eager to show his stunning wife off to everyone. See John's face, that's the smile of a proud man...he takes her everywhere. 

Secondly, and what i consider the most important food for thought these days, is dont get caught up in social media. Social media is a place where everyone showcases their best and most flawless looks and assets so if you want to base your life on other peoples evaluation of a false-reality, then you will be in for it. Most celebrities have a lot of help and money so they can afford to strut round the streets of NYC while their new born babies receive the most adequate and efficient First-class treatment at home from health-care providers. Chrissy might be a confident and beautiful new mommy but she doesn't have a cape and a fancy costume on, so dont get carried away looking at her like s super-shero.

Lastly, work on always having a positive mind set and keep yourself busy (you know what they say about idle minds). When you do that, your insecurities wont eat you up. Surround yourself with people who understand the reality of being a new mum and not an Instagram mum. Take your time and enjoy being a new mummy. As long as you keep these hings in mind, you will be back to feeling great in no time. 

How did Chrissy Teigen's post baby style turn into a full blown intervention for new mum's (chatterbox). Hope you are inspired and dont forget to share your thoughts down below, ill'd love to hear them. 

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