Hey all! Hope your weekend isn't going as fast as mine is. So i am back to talk about a new trend i'm completely stoked about "The Illusion Frontal's/Closure's". If you my dear ladies, haven't been living under a rock then you will know that this is the ultimate solution to our baby hair deficiencies (well for those of us who dont have as much *straight face*). Gone are those days ladies got mocked for not having edges, and for those of you who said money can buy it all BUT not edges, write a Cheque and read up...Jokes on you.

The Illusion closures/ lace Frontal wigs are fastly becoming the most buzzed about hair/beauty trend on social media these days. I mean i felt a lot of relieve knowing a lot of ladies actually wear illusion closures and dont just have bomb-ass edges, i was almost worried for myself. If you are wondering what they are, let me break it down for you. Illusion lace frontal's are nothing different from your regular closures that you have on your weave to avoid leave out's, they are just an improved version of your regular  2 or 3 part closures. They give you a more flawless and natural look almost as if it is your natural hair on, only its an Illusion (that sounded so cosmic).

As specially customized and treated closures, they can blend into any hair type or texture as desired and constructed. Thanks to the ladies at the Good Hair limited, i am a believer of the Illusion lace frontal. Not only can you protect those leave out's from the scorching heat of flattening and blowing, but you can have them protected by closures with a little baby hair for a flawless finish. I'm so grateful for the creative minds who do this thinking. As a wig or just a plain closure sewn and attached to your weave, you are sure to have the full benefits of looking all natural and that's not even my best part. They can be styled as desired, put it in a bun or some corn-rows or a pig tail whatever you so desire. This is a must have for ladies, trust me those edges, no matter how on fleek they are...they sometimes need a break. 

I'm excited about this trend, what are your thoughts? would you be splurging on an Illusion closure or wig anytime soon? Let us know your thoughts.

Images: Instagram

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