When it comes to A-list events, Award Ceremony's and top-notch celebrations, the red carpet is indeed the most fashionable place to be. With Celebrities and dignitaries from all works of life converging and strutting the carpet in their best and most expensive fashionable designer clothing and luxurious fashion items, it could all seem overwhelming and like one big fairy-tale. Although the red carpet might be the most glamorous place to be on at any event, it is the easiest place for life-long blunder's to be made. So before you hit your next big red carpet event, here are some useful tips to know...read on.


Wear an outfit that makes you look and feel like a star, because trust me you might get photographed at some point, it is almost inevitable. Whether you are attending a red carpet event as an invitee or a celebrity guest, it is always imperative that you look your best. Not just because of the pictures and the expectations, but because looking good makes you feel good. It's an event, you are probably going to see a lot of fashionable nicely dressed people, make an effort to feel special. One thing you cant be is feeling gloomy or insecure and loosing your confidence because you feel out-shone or under-dressed. Also, most people feel they need to get new clothing just to look up to the part, whatever makes you feel good honey new clothes, a stylist...go for it! It is also good to prepare ahead of time, get information about the event, is there a theme you have to follow or a dress code you have to stick with? Dont show up to the red carpet looking lost or out of place because if you do, you become a punchline for the next few weeks. Also very important, when picking an outfit color for a red carpet event, pick a color that suits your skin tone; that is always a good move. Trying to match your dress to the color palette of the invitation is not. Matching your ensemble to the color scheme in the invite rarely works to your advantage -- instead, pick something that flatters your body.
If you cant do any research about what to wear, that's what Ivy Marshall's blog is here for *massive grin* to keep you inspired. Also, avoid Over-dressing. In a bid to be fashion forward, most people end up taking the circus along with them, avoid unnecessary heavy clothing that doesn't sooth your personality, your skin-tone or more importantly your body. Stick to  clothes that make you feel classy and are all round comfortable (under-garments included).


Emergency's as we all know are unpremeditated and unintentional, they happen a lot, when you least expect so be prepared for one at any time. This is my greatest advice to everyone who intends to walk any red carpet (it is my greatest advice to anyone going out in the public at all lol). When it comes to fashion, the greatest emergency that could probably happen is a wardrobe malfunction. If you're lucky, it could be one that can be easily averted like a nip-slip or the wind-taking over your short flare dress, unknowingly leaving your zipper down (for the men)  ladi dah... If you're unlucky and the forces of nature are against you, you could have your dress rip open in parts that are unmentionable or your pants rip behind or something spilling on your very white and angelic outfit. That is my dear friends, is the worst feeling in the world. If you dont have a back-up plan,(which most people dont...as no one really plans for emergencies these days) please turn right back and go fix. Dont walk into a gathering of people and be the center of attention for the wrong reasons or dont plan to explain your situation to any one who is curious enough to ask. Explaining your mishaps makes it more recurring in your head and that will lead to discomfort or insecurity all through the event. Another way to prepare for emergencies is to take extra care all through out your day, have a Band-Aid in case your shoe is trying to go crooked on you, always have a needle and a thread that matches your outfit...celebrities have all confessed to this being their saviors of the day.


This is the most common mistake ladies seem to make on the red carpet these days. Everyone wants that highlight bling! so they bake their faces and forget the red carpets are swarmed with lightnings and photographer's who have been paid or will be paid to take pictures and flash unnecessary lighting at you in unflattering positions. Ladies, you should always know that the lightnings in your bathrooms, are never the same as those outdoors or camera lights, so when you look in the mirror at home and see that highlight and contour in place and feel like a princess, dont be surprised when you go out and get photographed and see yourself turning into the wicked step-mother. Just because it is a grand event and you might be walking a red carpet, dont feel the need to go all out. "This is not the time to try something new like a 8'' fake eyelash or contact lenses". Go with something subtle and neutral, trust me neutral always wins! If you are going heavy on the eye make up, keep the lips subtle and vice versa. Every red carpet might need a clown for distraction, dont let it be you.


Even the most seasoned celebrities sometimes trip and fall on the red carpet, this is almost inevitable when you dont have the right pairs of shoes on. In as much as there is nothing more annoying than seeing a well dressed lady on the red carpet in flats (except you have a fracture or are too old), there is also nothing as disturbing as seeing a well dressed lady in shoes she cant walk in. Always stick to comfortable shoes when attending events as opposed to fashionable or extremely high shoes. You know how lengthy events can be these days with so much red carpet time and taking non-stop pictures. For the men, stick to comfortable shoes, not tight shoes not expensive designer shoes (well if they are comfortable) but comfortable shoes. You should know that as men, your feet constantly expands so always have your feet measured before purchasing a shoe and avoid standing in one spot for a long period of time; especially at these long events, because when you do that you tend to use a few muscles for  a longer period of time and that causes a major strain on your feet.


One of the main reasons of walking any red carpet, is for the pictures (duh!) Before you hit any red carpet, practice a red carpet pose that best flatter's your body and makes you look your best (by best i totally mean skinny). Red carpet guru's have said putting your hands on your hips, leans you...celebs have also adopted this means of posing on the red carpet. If by any chance this or some other method works for you, by all mean strike that pose! With men, they dont need to be so extra anything works for them as long as they look dapper, they are good...dont just do something silly or quirky. Also, dont be stingy with that grin, smile! Nobody wants a grumpy version of you on the carpet, besides you dont want to be photographed looking horrible. Just dont smile to big, there is a thin line between smiling and being a complete weirdo. If smiling isn't your thing, then its okay to flirt with your eyes...just dot creep people out. 


When opting for jewelry for a red carpet event, be very strategic and cautious, focus on one statement bold piece per look. Dont over-crowd your neck, your fingers or arms with excessive jewelries. If you are wearing earrings you can wear a bracelet, if you are wearing a necklace you can wear a ring not just all at the same time. And also for the ladies, always keep the purse small. Sure it will be great to lug along some mint, extra make up, blotting paper and even some back up pair of flats for when it start's winding late into the night, but then you will have a suitcase. Nothing ruins a great look on the red carpet as much as a big old daytime bag. Clutches are a fashion accessory so try not to overpower your entire look with a big statement bag.


These days you see a lot of skin showing and leg-baring on the red carpet, it seems like everyone just isn't complete without a slit. There is nothing wrong with being sexy and being proud enough to show off your sexy body but whatever you do, try not to look slutty. The super models are okay with showing off a little extra skin, trust me they have bodies built for it but if you dont have that statuette figure just work with what you have and keep it classy. Your outfit choice and your make up go a long way putting your entire look together so play up one feature and not the both of them at once. Showing the right amount of skin can keep you looking sexy and classy and not slutty. If you have a backless dress, keep the hemline from creeping up too high. If you dont want to show off your legs, feel free to show off your shoulders it is always a great feature on anyone.


You see a lot of celebrities literally glowing on the red carpet and you wonder what their secret is. Well the secret to some of that flawless look and shine you see is not in the stars or in their genes, it is simply because they always stay moisturized. If you are going to be showing some skin on the red carpet, its best you take your time and moisturize before making an appearance. You dont want to be the one who is pale white or dry skinned walking the red carpet like a mummy. Also, we know the secret to a flawless skin is always staying hydrated. Drink a lot of water!!!


Okay its not that serious, red carpet events are not jail sentencing's. Its a red carpet event so that means a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself and make the best memories. If you get invited to an after party and you dont have plans afterwards GO! Sometimes, events dont go as planned or may not live up to your expectations, regardless of how any event goes down, dont ruin your day and waste all the efforts you made to look pretty find a way and enjoy yourself. Dont miss out on all the after party fun, party favors and the great food. Just make sure your not one of those ladies who have heavily guarded under-garments that leave you too numb to party or eat!


In a bit to be bold or make a statement or stand out on the red carpet, celebrities find themselves landing in the worst dressed category at events and shows. While some people love the bad press associated with being talked about for relevance sake, others find it completely humiliating and take it personally. Well, whatever you do, try not to land on the worst dressed list. As celebrities and socialites  invited to grace an event, much is expected from you being in the spotlight and in the style community. So whatever impression you are trying to make, however creative you might have woken up feeling that morning, try not to go overboard or feel too artistic with your red carpet look. Work with your team or glam squad and let the experts do their work. 

Also, one very trivial but simple fact, the red carpet might NOT always be red. So get your facts and your speaking points right. We have seen celebs walk the green carpet and even a pink one, so before you walk around looking for a red carpet in the middle of a "Pink Ball" or an Eco-friendly "Go Green" event, remember this simple fact and find the only carpet with the photographer's and strike a pose.
You might not have the 6 figure budget or the 13 person glam squad that your favorite celebrities have but that doesn't mean you cant show up to the red carpet looking your absolute best with simple basic knowledge. Be fabulous and keep being inspired.

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Ivy Marshall