This post is long over due on the blog but hey! everyday is a good day to talk fashion right?!
Today i decided to take time off doting about fashion and style and go behind the scenes to talk about the people who make fashion as we know it today in Africa, Nigeria to be precise, what it is.
These creative people are the brains behind the impeccable change and improvements on our red carpets and in our fashion scenes. Fashion wont be appreciated if the stars didn't show up in mind-blowing designs and set bars with their admirable choices. Well, we should know, that behind every great fashion icon there is an even greater stylist who puts everything perfectly together and makes them shine bright like the stars they truly are.

You know, Its almost so normal to glorify the celebrities for looking so stylish and the designers for making the outfits, but no one really remembers to rain praises on these stylist, except when we are trying to get them to put the stars in our designs, and that's no true recognition.
So, before i turn this into a "March on Ferguson for Stylist Recognition" lol...lets meet these group of Nigerian stylists, who already have brought out so much star power on our red carpets, in our editorials and on the big screens so far in 2016.


At number 7 we have the delectable Ozinna Anumudu. She is the freshest face on the countdown, and might be the youngest, but she is definitely one to look out for!. Not so new to the fashion scenes, Ozinna is already taking a formidable stand and has the entire Nigerian fashion world buzzing about her work. Most people know Zina (as popularly called) as the daughter of Nigeria's fiercest fashionista Nkiru Anumudu but i didn't, well not at first! Ozinna caught my attention on her numerous styling features and with her impeccable style choices. To me, she brings this new fresh and youthful vibe with her creative styling into the Nigerian fashion scenes. She is a stylist and a fashion blogger of the Style Vitae team.

This first quarter of 2016, she has kept her busy with numerous Fashion Campaigns that have undoubtedly left the Nigerian fashion scenes in awe!. She was behind the scene's, styling Florence Otedola aka DJ Cuppy at the Shop Maju's Holiday Campaign and a series of others that followed from the brand. Ozinna has also led other successful fashion campaigns and brought her youthful in-take into putting together applauding looks as seen on the "41 Luxe" Editorial and the "Good Hair" beauty editorial (Picture above) and many more... It is safe to say this stylist is not going anywhere anytime soon. I am optimistic and excited to see what more she has install for us this year.  

6. YUMMIE OGBEBOR @s_b_youme
At number 6 we have stylist to the A-lister's Yummie Ogbebor. This first quarter of 2016 has also proven busy for the very creative stylist, as she has been seen imprinting her hand-work all over the Nigerian Fashion and Entertainment Scenes. From the front pages of Nigeria's foremost magazines, to editorial campaigns, video shoots and to red carpet glam, Yummie does it all and does it well! Yummie has been responsible so far, for some of the most adored fashion statements on the red carpet this year, so we have to give it to her, she does a pretty great job.

When it comes to being creative and styling for Yummie, you can expect to see her poise looks on both the young and more matured Nigerian Celebrities. She is the stylist behind some of the most fashionable Veterans in the Entertainment industry like Rita Dominic, Michelle Dede, Waje Iruobe just to mention a few of them. She styles her celebrities to a flawless and sophisticated finish, and this makes them stand out for who they truly are, no wonder she is on a retainer with the ladies. Yummie is definitely one to learn from and one to watch out for  this year. Kudos!

In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, there are only a handful of men that are great at styling, it is very safe to say Moses is one of them. With a flare for perfection and sophistication, Moses has conquered the Nigerian Fashion scene with numerous outstanding celebrity styling. He's expertise stretch from the front pages of top Nigerian Magazine to glamorous red carpet looks and A-list celebrity appearances. 

Moses' list of clients, includes A-listers like  Omotola Jalade, Bonang Matheba of South Africa, Jen Olize, Seyi Shay, Osas Ighodaro, Anna Ebiere, Dakore Akande and so many others. 2015 was a very good year for this star stylist's brand. One of his major highlights was styling South African media and entertainment queen Bonang Matheba at the future awards where she sizzled in three remarkable outfits all styled by him.

Moses is already keeping busy in 2016 with sizzling celebrity styling and appearances. What does 2016 hold for him? I am optimistic he wont be going cold or easy on us so watch out!

4. VERONICA ODEKA @Veronicaodeka 

When you talk or read about the successful stylist's in Nigeria, Veronica Odeka should be one name to listen out for. She is a renowned stylist and clearly one of the most consistent in the game, there has always been a Veronica around and always will be one. I would love to talk about her numerous styling accomplishments but when you are the personal stylist to Africa's number one female actress, nothing else can possibly top that. Veronica Odeka is the vision behind Genevieve Nnaji's fashion statements on and off the red carpet. You might be thinking, what an endorsement? Well, if you are as conversant with fashion in Nigeria as you should be then you would know that Genevieve Nnaji is one of the best dressed women in African Entertainment making Veronica one of the very best at her job.

Other than being stylist to Genevieve, Veronica's client list includes all the high and mighty in Nigeria, from Top Television Moguls like Mo Abudu to High-fashion ladies like Elohor Aisien and Tiwa Savage, the list goes on and on. The Fashion Connoisseur and business woman, has added a line of Nail polish "Vane Polish" to her business brand and still continues to dominate the styling and now beauty world with her luxury, uniqueness and creativity. I cant wait to see what the rest of 2016 holds for you and i am prepared to be blown away...are you?


She might be number 3 on the countdown but she is one of my favorite stylist ever! I'm obsessed. Harvella Styles as popularly known, is the vision behind all the mind-blowing intriguing, mouth dropping fashion statements you have seen on the red carpet this year! Nominated at the 2015 Exquisite Ladeis of the Year awards, she bagged her self the award for stylist of the year. She is simply amazing and i cant get enough of this genius. I call her the Monica Rose of Nigeria because she has taking celebrity styling to an eccentric and daring level and that's what fashion is all about...being bold and making a statement.

Harvella practically styles all the "It Girls" of Nollywood and her clientele stretches from Toke Makinwa who is fastly becoming one of the most fashionable women in Nigeria to Stephanie Coker, Annie Idibia, Omawumi Akinifesi, Vimbai Mutinhiri, Jen Olize just to mention a few. Tobenna is indeed the stylist to watch out for this year as she has conquered almost all major red carpet events for the year thus far, with her eclectic choices. I certainly cant wait too find out what more she has in that creative mind of hers. 


Call her fashion goddess, ATM fashionista, CEO Tiannah Place empire, the list goes on and on. This multi-talented fashion and beauty mogul does it all, she is the fiercest and one of the most creative  things to have hit the Nigerian fashion and beauty scene. As a designer and stylist, Toyin might have a flare for the dramatic, but i think that is what makes her very unique and stand out from all the others. With her very own fashion academy at her disposal, Toyin makes her spectacular outfits which she styles her clients with, this fashion thing for her is clearly a gift.

Other than being a celebrity designer and stylist, Toyin runs a series of other chains of businesses. I dont know where she gets her motivation and zeal from but i am very happy that Nigeria has a relentless and creative mind like hers. Each year poses to be very busy for this multi-talented fashion crooner, as you can definitely expect to see multiple designs from Toyin on every red carpet. She is the go-to designer for the luxurious and statement-making entertainers. Her clients hail from both fthe National and international scenes, they include Ciara, Tiwa Savage, Wiz kid, Davido you name it.

The highlight of her 2016, has to be being announced as the face of Nigeria's Next Top Designer. Also a multiple award winner, Toyin is a force to reckon with. I am optimistic that this fashionista would break more grounds in the Nigerian Fashion Scene this year 2016, so fingers crossed!


And my number one pick for the most outstanding so far this year, is none other than Jeremiah Ogbodo popularly called Swanky Jerry. He is one of the most influential and most creative stylist in Nigeria and across Africa. A multiple award winner for his creativity and styling, Jeremiah has this fashion game wrapped around his fingers. This year so far, he has had so many breath-taking moments with his styling across the big screens and on the red carpet; its almost like anytime he puts a lady in a dress, he breaks the internet. Jeremiah is a true fashion connoisseur.

Jeremiah's long list of clients is unending and it is almost safe to say he is on speed-dial to the who's and who's in the Nigerian Entertainment scene. Also with a lot of international recognition, Jeremiah might just help bridge this gap in the entertainment world if he keeps breaking the internet. From models, to musicians to actors and actresses, Swanky continues to prove he is one to watch out for, every styling so far in 2016 was a hit! 

What next to expect from this fashion maestro..we'll keep our fingers crossed. Regardless, for all of these amazing stylist's, i hope 2016 would be a fabulous year with more stunning and captivating looks. 

There you have it, our Top Stylist's who will undoubtedly change the African Scenes this 2016. It is actually refreshing to see how far we have come in Nollywood and in the African Entertainment/Fashion scenes, when i first started blogging 4 years ago, someone said "I dont think there is enough content to talk about in the African fashion Scene" that didn't stop me! Now i see hard working stylists and celebrities putting Fashion and Entertainment in Africa  on the map and i am optimistic about our growth and future. Yes we can! 

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