Hey ladies, hope we are all having a fantastic day. So today, i'm back with some beauty tips.
More often than not, i get pulled over and asked about my make up (yep...girls gat skills for days). People always want to know how i do my brows or why i'm always so professionally made up even when i decide to go subtle, what products i use, how to know good products...Ladida! Well ladies, you know its my job to share these knowledge with you, cus trust me i'm all for more beautiful looking women in the world.

I have always said and will always say i learnt the ABC and D's of make up on YouTube. I have never gone for a make up class or training or had to pay anyone to learn or worked behind any makeup counter. Just so we dont get things confused, it is fine to learn from a  professional. I intend to get some professional beauty tips in the near future on areas i am deficient but for basic knowledge, i learnt simply by watching my favorite MUA's/Vloggers on YouTube.

If you are a frequent and an old blog reader, you would be familiar with this post. I always write on my favorite YouTuber's but i have to keep ya'll updated because over time, i tend to find new ladies i fall in love with. Before i introduce my favorite beauty vlogger's i want to answer some questions and give some tips. 

1. Why YouTube? --- YouTube is the Holy grail of all things DIY (Do It Yourself) everything you think of, can be answered on Youtube lol. On a more serious note, YouTube is the den of all the best make up artists's in the world and getting to keep up with them and subscribe to their channels give you a better access to learning from them.

2. How long did it take you to learn and perfect? --- Okay so like every other good thing in life, Time is key! Make up is like art, you dont learn it in one day but i can assure you that, with consistency and good practice you would perfect that stroke. You should see me before fully made up, i was monstrous and still, i am far from PERFECT!

3. Are these the best MUA's on Youtube? Hell no! there are tons of professional makeup artist's on YouTube that are remarkably talented but this are my personal favorites...they inspire me greatly and i have learnt a lot from watching them. 

Okay so before i turn this into an interview of myself, lets meet my Top 10 Beauty Vloggers/MUA's.

ANITRA B (@nitraab) 

Nitra is one to of the very first people i stumbled into on YouTube, i feel  like over time our make up skills improved together. She has a very fun and bubbly personality and by bubbly i mean she can talk LOL! Regardless, i learnt a lot from her very detailed videos and she also gives the best skin care advice so go follow her. 

MISSY LYNN (@missylynn) 

I love Missy because of her unique make up application and beauty, very simple and subtle she never goes over board. Neutral looks and easy routines, when they say "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", they are referring to Missy lynn. I love her mostly because she was a VETERAN; yes she enlisted in the army...Beautiful and dedicated to serving, Missy is an angel...go follow her!

ENIBABY4 (@glambyisoken) 

Isoken is probably one of the most creative Africans vloggers on YouTube today. Originally a native of Edo State, Nigeria (which as most of you might my hometown *grin*) she has conquered the beauty world both at home and abroad where she is based. She has to her name, a successful makeup line, a crochet hairline, a clothing and God knows what next this successful vlogger has up her sleeves. She didnt come this way by not being smart so follow her and learn some tips as i have. 

SHAYLA (@makeupshayla) 

Possibly one of the most popular black successful MUA's on YouTube and social media in general, Shayla is one fierce makeup artist to follow. Off YouTube for a while, the beauty is back for good and inspiring fans with her beauty tips. She is also a fitness junkie so you ladies that love to look good and keep fit...Be inspired and learn from her. Who says beauty has to do with your face alone!

JENNIE JENKINS (@beautybyjj) 

Also a native of Nigeria, it is safe to call her the most popular Nigerian Makeup artist on YouTube. After falling in love with make up and discovering YouTube, i only watched all the white Youtuber's because they just came up first when i searched. It was hard to tell the products to get then because i was watching so many white people. I sort out to find dark skinned people, so i could get products and i found quiet a lot but none stuck with me like Beatybyjj. She became my tutor for a long time. I learnt a lot watching her very detailed makeup vlogs and i could totally relate. She is simple and easy going and has a lot to share...Follow her and be Inspired.

STEPHANIE LEE (@beautybylee)

I dont even need to describe how beautiful she is now do i? Who would want to know what such a beauty has to offer... Stephanie Lee is one to completely adore. The natural-haired beauty inspired a lot of fans with her subtle and captivating presence on and off YouTube. Simple, chic and an indeed an effortless beauty, i got a lot of inspiration watching her makeup and hair journey on YouTube, i still do! She puts the beauty in beautifulllll. Amazing lady right here, check her out. 

Those lashes are her's and are a 100 percent real...She also inspired me to grow my natural lashes.

NIKKIETUTORIALS (@nikkietutorials) 

Nikki literally took over the make up scene since she joined YouTube in 2008. She has gathered a mass of followers and fans (myself included) to what she calls "The beauty Madness". My best part about Nikki isn't just her flawless make up application and skills but her very intriguing and eccentric bubbly personality. Just like myself she started this whole beauty journey randomly searching for makeup looks that inspired her. When she discovered the world out there on YouTube and how much she could share and give, she followed her passion and hasn't looked back. Nikki is awesome and indeed one to learn from, check her out.  


 You may never find another beauty Vlogger that talks as much as Jaclyn  Hill *lol* but trust me, you may also never find another one who applys make up as flawlessly as she does. She is the real MVP and was clearly born for this world of beauty. By milestones one of my most favorite YouTubers one the planet, also one of the most successful out there...Jaclyn has too much to offer, go check her out. 

SAVVANA SYLVER (@savannasylver)

When i first went on YouTube and discovered the world of beauty, all i went in search of was Kim Kardashian's wedding video lol ironic right! All that kept popping up where several make up inspired by Kim's look. However, i went on to watch a ton of them but none of them quite cut it for me, until i found TheIslandBeauty (her former name). She was a breath-taking piece of art and applied the make up with such precision heck she even looked better than Kim. Since then (it has been one divorce, one wedding and two kids later lol) i became a Loyalist. I have followed this Jamaican beauty's journey and i must say she helped me the most in improving my make up skills. She took me from Basic to Bad-ass and you too can learn a lot from her. Also very fun and very creative, go check her out!!!

HUDDA KATTAN (@hudabeauty) 

Huda Kattan is my biggest inspiration on YouTube. She has not only dominated the world of beauty and make up, she has made a very successful businesswoman out of it. Huda started out on YouTube like many others and has used her knowledge of make up and beauty to set up a successful company. A medium in which she reaches out to millions of women across the globe teaching and encouraging them to enhance and embrace their natural beauty. I adore Huda because she devots her time to supporting other beauty vloggers and promotes them via her social media about an MVP; Huda is a superstar and you too can be one...check her out.

Hope this was a helpful post, dont forget to check out these ladies on YouTube and on their social media too might be inspired. Before i go i should also add that in life learning never ends and there is no harm to take a thing or two from other successful people. Always find some inspiration in other people's work it is indeed the best way to grow and also learn to support each other, the sky is big enough for us all to spread our wings and soar. 

If you want to share your favorite YouTuber's leave your commments down below. Dont forget to catch my weekly post for "Make up Looks" its my way of introducing other awesome and talented beauty guru's. Until then....

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