New month new trends...okay not really new, but its clearly what's "in" these days. The Fabric choker! If you aren't a fan of chokers, then you might not want to sit for this. But if you are then read on and dont choke!

New York Fashion Week certainly brought out a lot of celebrities and supermodels and by supermodels, i mean Gigi Hadid (insertlove struck smiley). Gigi is the ultimate trend-setter and honestly, this Fabric chokers stood out for me just because the supermodel was rocking it all through.

Now celebs all across the globe, have adopted this new trend and its refreshing to know its not just a supermodel thing. Fabric chokers are no different from the simple or chunky necklace chokers, they basically serve the same purpose. They are trendy and fashionable and add that umph to your outfit. 

Although, fashion veterans like Rihanna and Naomi and even Pretty little liar's Shay Mitchell have previously rocked this trend, we cant totally give them the credit for the rejuvenation. But, clearly they rocked it and look gorgeous and that's enough inspiration.

Lala Anthony recently posted an outfit for the gram sporting the fabric choker and i must confess, she never looked more sophisticated. We all know how these trends come and go, and its amazing how they are revived and made cooler each time...Fashion right! Well, we will have to wait in anticipation for the next trend but right now, what do you think about the fabric Choker? Would you rock them or ditch them? 

Lets hear your thoughts...
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Ivy Marshall