Thanks to Jidenna and his hit single "Classic Man", the phrase is now every dressed up man's go-to hashtag. I mean its okay for the guys to feel themselves a little or once in a while, but if you want to mean that phrase then you most definitely have to look the part and be swoon-worthy.

Today i'm going to take my time and give the fella's a little brush-up, you know some good advice on how to be and look like a "Classic Man". Dont be the one who captions without actions (i love it when this rhymes just flow). Okay without further ado are some useful tips on how to be the Classic Man. The first thing you should know is that every Classic Man always has the Three (3) C's. What are they? Confident, Clean and Cut. Every swoon-worthy man out there know's this, to be a classic man you always always need to wear your confidence on your sleeves (of course that would make up for the Rolex lol). On a more serious note though, everyone admires a confident man so ditch that coyness and speak-up boldly when necessary. 

Secondly, to be a classic man you need to be clean, that is basic knowledge, but some people dont understand the extent of ocd fashion. You would be surprised to know how much detailing ladies do when it comes to accessing the opposite sex. Everything needs to be sparkling clean from that 100 watts smile to those under garments (very important) and even the socks are never left out. Always invest in some good under-garments you never know when you mistakenly walk into a bachelorette party and get mistaken for the stripper lol. Lastly but still on the three C's, every classic man needs to be married to a good barber...i'm not joking! The second most attractive thing about a man's look is his hair-cut. If that hair line is not popping or that cut is not fresh and neat then it ruins everything. A good hair-cut can take any man's look from 0 to 100. Like they say, other than having talent, the only thing a man needs is a good barber so if you dont love your barber enough not to cheat on him, then get a divorce!

On Fashion Investments, every classic man needs to invest in a good pair of shoes. The most attractive thing about a man's outfit are his shoes. I am one of those people who look from down up, and trust me most ladies do so too. Crooked shoes are a major turn-off, good shoes on the other hand can bring our entire outfit to life. Also, no one wants to splurge on shoes and forget totally about his outfit, just because you think your shoes get you a pass. Invest in good clothes, keyword "good" clothes not expensive clothes. Nice Jackets, nice pants, button-up shirts for a more causal day invest in nice Polo shirts. Most people get fooled thinking expensive clothes make them look nice...well, not really. Clothes could be affordable or expensive whatever you choose just make sure they compliment your physique and are fitted. I think i should stress on the "Fitted" some more. Its a sore to see men walk around in bulgy, ill-fitting clothes, your clothes should be a perfect fit, not tight or skimpy or uncomfortable but well tailored to suit your body. Dont be one of those men who use the "i have a unique style" mess to look bad. Have a unique style in your own size of clothes. 

On accessorizing, every Classic Man keeps it simple and suave. A good pair of shades can never do any harm...i mean we are trying to out do Jidenna here! Minimal jewelries and accessories, keep you looking dapper except you get accepted in the school of hard rock then you can go all out. Before i forget, easy with the color combinations... These days, Men tend to be very bold when it comes to their fashion and color choices, like i said before if you are not a rock star, i dont expect to see you wearing Rainbow colors; major turn-off.

Okay i feel like i have said more than enough but before i bow out, the most important asset of any Classic Man is his manners. Be nice and carry yourself with enough respect, enough to make others immediately respect you. The good manners should come with the looks...Ladies love nice men and men respect Confident nice looking fella's! Okay guys, that is my humble take on how to be the Classic Man. I hope i made some sense to you. 

Any additions or thoughts? Please comment down below.

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Ivy Marshall