Hey love bugs so today our fashion spotlight shines brightly on the beautiful and delectable Linda Omeni. She is one of the founders of the brand MidgetGiraffe, a fashionista to the core, this Nigerian born beauty caught my undivided attention with her beauty, sense of style and her love for the African prints.

So elegant and so fashionable, who knew one could rock prints this fabulously. Linda and her Partner Corey Harris at the Midget Giraffe, specialise in creating uniquely cut patterns of african prints designs inspired by the western fashion world. I must confess, she does an awesome work modelling her designs as she has inspired a lot of buyers from across the globe not to mention being a source of fashion inspiration.

From crop tops to high-low dresses and uniquely cut skirts and bell-tops, Linda Omeni has given styling the ankara fabric a fun and fashionable twist. The next time you think of styling your ankara fabric to something conventional or boring, you know where to get some inspiration.

For being half the team of creative minds, our fashion spotlight shines on Linda Omeni. Beautiful, creative and fashionable we ladies can learn a thing or two from the fashionista turned business woman. Be Inspired!

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