Good morning beautiful people of the world, i come with yet another beauty tip. A must read!
So, as we all know there are two types of ladies in this world, the ones who take extra care of their nails and the ones who don't really care how their nails long as they make it through the day, they are good. Which category do you belong?

Hopefully, we all have a little bit of the former in us, you know the category of ladies who make an attempt. Nail care, is generally an important part of caring for the whole body. Not only does it makes you look more attractive, but proper nail care also can help prevent nail problems and keep the nails of your fingers and even your toes healthy. Most times, When people think about manicures, they think about beautifully sculpted fingernails, filed to perfection, coated with polish, and topped with shiny clear coat. They may consider exfoliation or paraffin dips. Perhaps even moisturizers. Unfortunately, people forget about the most important part of of a good manicure or having healthy nails is caring for-the cuticles!

So what are cuticles? Cuticles are actually thin pieces of skin that connect your finger to your fingernail. They act like protective barriers for the nail bed while your fingernails are growing, keeping dirt and bacteria from harming your fingernails and preventing infections. The cuticles also cover the cells that actually grow and build your fingernails. Cuticles are truly the unsung heroes, when it comes to maintaining perfect manicures. If you take proper care of your cuticles by undergoing regular manicures and keeping them moisturized, pushing them back gently with an orange stick, and never cutting or ripping them, your nails will grow in longer and stronger than ever before.

 Almost all women these days, go to nail salons because you can find them everywhere, and today's  nail technicians can do amazing things that we can't do ourselves. Nails are a very special part of our beauty because even when we're not wearing makeup or our finest outfits, even when our hair is not at its best, our nails still make a striking statement of elegance! Regardless of this fact, we ladies shouldn't forget the importance of having good manicures and the health benefits or caring for your nails and cuticles.  

Remember ladies, well cared-for perfect nails are the mark of a competent, confident and healthy woman, so never neglect them!

Photo's Credit: The nail guru herself Ez of "Beauty in Lagos" (@beautyinlagos) 

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