So today's case of "Who Wore It Better", is the most dreaded thing to happen on the red carpet. Showing up to an event and realizing someone else has the exact same outfit with you and its too late to turn that car around....eish!

Starlets Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough, showed up at the Direct TV Super Saturday Night at Pier 70 in California, spotting almost the same outfits. Julianne Hough took to her twitter to caption the incident "Accidental twinsies". Although it is not the coolest feeling, this two beauties managed to find the humor in it and laugh it out...don't we just love them!

It should be also noted that even though the outfits look almost the same, there are slight variations in the styling. Julianne is sporting a wide leg bandeau jumpsuit under her perfectly tailored blazer, and Olivia is wearing a crop top and matching pants under her's...what can we say great minds think alike?

 So ladies...who wore this white on white look better? Well, for me i think both ladies look incredibly chic and they rocked the look equally amazing...They both look so classy you cant fault either of them. Also, they handled the situation perfectly and went with the flow...true beauties.

What do you think? Leave your comments down below.
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Ivy Marshall