Hey guys...I'm back! (not like i left before lol). Anyways, its time for that segment where two Fashionable Diva's battle it out on "Who Wore It Better". So, without wasting any time, lets see who wins this fashion face-off today.

Round 1.
    Outfit in Question; A $171 House of CB Black and White Michiyo Dress.

In the right corner we have Model and ... what else does Amber Rose do again? Anyways, we have Amber Rose *massive grin*

And in the left corner we have Fashion and Beauty Blogger Ms. Jackie Aina.

So my honorable Judges, if i may ask Who Wore It Better?
Well, I vote Jackie because she looks so beautiful in this outfit and so comfortable (you know I'm all about comfort). On the other hand, Amber looks really stunning too but it looks rather tight and uncomfortable on her... Agree? 

What are your thoughts, leave your comments down below.

Ivy Marshall