Hey Ladies, so as we all know, it is the season of Love! Valentine is in the next couple of days, and i know how some people like to make a huge deal about it and others don't lol...but muffins, it is my duty to make sure however you choose to spend that special day, you look your best.
So, for the next couple of days  pre-valentine, i will bring you make up inspirations.  For today's look, lets join Tiarra Monet's as she shows us how to achieve valentines day glam.Watch!!!

Hope you enjoyed watching that easy glam from Tiarra Monet. Remember ladies, it must not be the same look, you can switch it up or use different colors that best soothe your skin or make you look better and comfortable. For those of us spending Valentines with that special someone...dont go over board stick to being the prettiest version of yourself, and for those of you single ladies ...please make an effort to look pretty, who knows what might happen *wink*

Thank you Tiara for giving us some valentine's glam.

Follow her @Tiarramonet
YouTube: Tiarra Monet

For more outfit and make up inspirations for valentine...check back.
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