So i almost thought we lost 'The lady' to love... Here in the fashion world, Lady Gaga and her eccentric style is completely adored! So when she started showing up on red carpets and at events as just "a lady", and not "lady Gaga" i got worried ... Infact the entire fashion world got worried.

He is responsible...we blame this cute hunk. 

Lady Gaga as we all know, is known for her overly dramatic and eccentric fashion. I mean she stole my heart, along side millions of other hearts across the globe with her Drama. She never failed to show up to any event without making a bold fashion statement and commanding the red carpet. It was always about her. Recently, the pop star found love and got engaged and she went cold turkey on seen above! Thats not gaga!!! She is not that lady that shows up looking like an angel and put together in matchy clothes.... hell no!!!!
So fast forward to recently, i think prayers went up and that fashionable god, knocked some sense into her and I'm pleased to announce that she is back. In honour of her recuperation I'm counting her top 5 "glad to have you back" looks.

Lady Gaga Spotted leaving her apartment in New York City....glad to have her looking bright and bubbly again.

Lady Gaga spotted at the Brandon Maxwell show in New York. If you are real fan, you'll Know Gaga never has a basic hair do.

Gaga invented those heels!!! Move over Derenle...The queen of pop, Lady Gaga made her grande entrance into the V Magazine Party at the Rockafella Centre, in a black gown by Brandon Maxwell.


Only Lady Gaga would dress up in the same colours as the American Flag, and outshine it! Lady Gaga hit the stage to cheer in the Super Bowl festivities, in a red Gucci Pant suit and her signature platform heels in a colour matching the American Flag. 

She is in Head-to-toe Glitter...way to go Gaga!

 And of course our top pick for the countdown had to be Lady Gaga at the 2016 Grammy Awards. The Pop star stayed true to her real self and slayed. She dawned on the red carpet in a blue bedazzled Marc Jacobs blazer and red platform heels. 

I must also add, the pop star payed tribute to the legendary Late David Bowie...wherever he is, he would be smiling down at gaga in approval. They couldn't have picked a more worthy star to pay Tribute to the legend in both his music and fashion.

That concludes my approve right? Leave your thoughts below. 
And for Lady Gaga...glad to have you back, red carpets where becoming a bore!!!

Ivy Marshall