Today's style evolution focuses on one of Africa's finest songstress, Rapper and Singer Miss Module Oyeyemi Ola aka Mo' Cheddar!!!

Mo'Cheddah as she is popularly known, first burst unto our screens in her teens as a young female rapper signed to the Knight House Entertainment record label. She wowed audiences and fans around the globe, with her unique talent and voice. Over the years, she has continued to intrigue her fans and followers with her versatility and musical talent in not just rapping but also R & B. A multiple award winning artist, Mo'cheddah is clearly a force to reckon with.

Today, Mo'cheddah is not just being recognised in the music world alone, she is also now recognised as one of Nigeria's most fashionable young ladies. With a series of mind blowing fashion statements on and off the red carpet, we are in awe (i am most especially) of her new sense of style...and i must confess i am loving it.

Did i forget to add she is now a beauty expert, who says young ladies cannot be multi-talented. She raps, she sings and she gives beauty advice, she is the real MVP.  The songstress now uses her social media platform to dish on beauty tips to her fans and young ladies out there. But don't sink in your chairs  just yet, before Mo'Cheddah sprung to be this beautiful and class butterfly she was just a pop princess with an interesting style. 

Interesting right! Mo'Cheddah has clearly blossomed into becoming the lady she was always meant to be. Sources say the songstress credits her new sense of style, to her just growing into her skin and into a more matured version of herself, and doing what she likes to do best. Like i always say ladies, true beauty and style is a reflection of inner class, you can't force it. 

So ladies, what we take away from Mo' Cheddah's style evolution today is that, don't spend time trying to grow into someone else's fashion/style or trying to look like someone else. Focus more on improving what you already have to work with. Remember, what suits A might not suit go for what is most convenient and stylish and comfortable to your personality. Never forget that at some point, we all blossom into being the beautiful butterfly so try not to speed up the process lol, just take your time and explore your options...don't be basic and don't be boring.

Thanks to Mo'Cheddah for being our fashion inspiration for today, we are watching and following to see what you have rolled up your fashionable sleeves. 

Credit; @mocheddah (Instagram)

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