Who is that beauty next door?  Its not easy to be adorned a "Beauty"After all, they say "Beauty is only skin deep".
I woke up this morning going through my daily feeds, trying to prepare for the day and i just got an urge to write this Beauty article. Deep down, i know this urge sterns from the fact that all my feeds are so flooded with beautiful people it makes me wonder if there are still less perfect people in the world that we live in today.

They say its the Social media age, so we all have to look and act social media perfect. Our hair needs to be laid to perfection, our make up has to be on fleek with enough highlight to bring us through lol. But most of us don't really know what the expression "Beauty is only skin deep" actually means. Well, let me break it down to you... In my understanding, which i believe is not so contrary to the actual meaning, "This expression means, physical beauty is only a temporary and superficial surface quality that is not as important as one's intellect or character". So when you take off that wig or that weave and falsies would we still love and adore you.

 Before you roll your eyes, you should know that i am not here to talk about intellect and honor psstt ill save that for your preachers. I'm just here to address the stereotype that is "Social media Perfect and Beautiful". I see the term "flawless" used more often than normal this days and i wonder weren't we all flawlessly made before we learnt how to conceal and highlight and snatch that waist and rock those heels?!!! Ladies now put in so much effort into being superficial and we are gradually forgetting what the word beauty really means. In as much as we have to move with trends and be sociable and learn new beauty tips and tricks, there should be a very thin and sane line we don't cross e.g don't contour your chest or your abs that's too desperate, don't get lip fillers, don't get cheek implants ughhh. See what my message today is really geared at is simply "Confidence is beauty". You cannot exude beauty if you don't have an iota of confidence. Hence the term "beauty is Skin deep" its much more than any mask you have covering your flaws, its more than the make up you wear or the scent you carry or the false attitude or the fake smiles, it comes from within. So ladies, before you look at that beauty next door and wish you had her life or her features or her smile or her followers, just ask yourself "do i really look that bad"?  We ladies should learn to be more comfortable doing the right thing in our skins, if wearing subtle make up is your thing then go for it, you don't have to go overboard because Amrezzy said so. It its okay to learn the basics and look presentable but as long as you are happy and comfortable with the way you look, you will always feel beautiful.

Ladies, we should please learn not to fall for the hype that is social media perfection. Look at it this way, social media (Instagram to be precise)  is a big aquarium full of fishes and life and its accompanied problems is the big shark waiting to eat you up lol...Naturally, we have all being created to survive in any condition we find ourselves, so yes you can survive with what you rightfully have. But, the more you go out of your way to look attractive and colorful the more you draw the sharks attention to you and the faster you become a prey and the more you put yourself in the danger of being eaten...get that! LOL. The world is not full of perfect its fine to tell yourself that and then work on your imperfections, solely to boost your confidence. Who are you? That beauty next door who comes out bright and bubbly with nothing real going on in her life, or that beauty next door that turns off the light and is all alone or that beauty that takes of her face and is in-recognizable. I know what i want to be, do you? i want to be that beauty that builds ladies confidence because i have enough confidence in myself. I also want to be that beauty that can help you feel good about yourself with all my gifts i don't get across the know the ones that don't come with a prize tag, because they come from within *wink*.

Ladies, before you start judging your beauty role models based on the number of followers they have or the likes they get on their favorite Instagram picture, think twice about how that beauty next door has influenced your life and made you feel better about yourself or better still, how many times they have encouraged you to double your hustle and make more money. Be the beauty next door that makes a difference...mwah. cheers!

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Ivy Marshall