Hey all, hope our day is going great...i come in peace and with good tidings. So recently, i have been telling myself we Africans need to focus more promoting ourselves and our brands because, trust me, there are a lot of amazing designers here in Africa and we need to share our talents with the world.

Today's spotlight shines brightly on a very creative Young Lady whom i happen to stumble upon across social media, she is the person of Miss Laura Ahman. An Aston Law and business management graduate, she is the brain behind her self-entitled brand of footwear. She launched her fashion house in 2014 and specializes in footwear inspired by her cultural roots. I think it is incredibly amazing when we Africans youngsters can be this innovative and creative.

 Her brand of footwear include both men and women Slippers and Sandals. They look so comfortable and classy and i totally see myself wearing them with ease... do you?
For her originality, creativity and uniqueness, Laura Ahman is our DESIGNER OF THE WEEK! Its not everyday you see Law and business management graduates establishing their own line of footwear.

Did i forget to add its the season of love (Valentine) so you can afford to splurge a buck or two getting your loved ones some affordable Laura Ahman footwear *wink*,
You can follow the brand @Lauraahman and get shopping details.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it is of the writers free discretion.

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