Bolanle Okulanni aka Bolinto is one of the most refreshing faces to be seen on African television in a along time. Bolanle as popularly known, is a TV Host in one of Africa's leading talk shows "Moments" on EbonyLife TV and is the Co-host of MTN's "Project Fame West Africa" along-side Joseph Benjamin. A graduated from Loyola University Chicago, with Honours in a double degree of BA Communications and BA International Studies...Bolanle is a sensation and a force to reckon with in the African Media/Entertainment scene.

Personally, i love Bolanle for her smart and fun approach to life. She has a fun and bubbly character as seen on her shows, and on the red carpet she makes a remarkable host... in a nut-shell she is a bundle of talent. 

Bolanle first caught our eyes and got our full attention, for her astonishing choice of wardrobe as the Host of MTN's Project Fame West Africa. Her mind-blowing wardrobe choices each night, left viewers around the globe in awe of how stunning she really was. All the credit couldn't be given to her stylist on-set, as she still swooned us behind the camera's and on various red carpets.

With Bolanle it was a fashion hit after another...But, it should be noted that before this beautiful butterfly blossomed, she had a completely different style...Uh oh

Before the abrupt transformation and unleashing of her hot new style, this was Bolanle. Still a charmer and incredibly smart. We never really cared about her fashion because she had a completely adorable personality. Erm thank God she changed her hair style (points upward) that hair was a hot steamy mess!!! So what changed? 

 Friends of the OAP credit her transformation to her just finding herself in a better light. She hit the gym, shed a few pounds and gained a more toned figure. We know what that feels like right? to be comfortable in your skin, it gives you a newer sense of belonging and more confidence to pull of any look seen with Bolanle. 

 Ladies you too can look like cheerful and happy in your own skin and style. Find what soothes you, stick to that style but don't make it boring, it is okay to switch it up sometimes. They say give a girl the right clothes and the right pair of shoes and she would conquer the world. So thank you Bolanle for being an inspiration to us today, we love your new style and we are always rooting for you.

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Ivy Marshall