Hello love bugs...yes we are officially rolling in the new year already, Thanks be to God! Also, its never too late once again to scream HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I want to thank all my wonderful and amazing blog readers and visitors for sticking with my inconsistent self lol. Well, its not that bad (a thing of the past)... Still, i appreciate and adore you all and i wouldn't be motivated if i didn't show up everyday, excited to blog on my system and see your views.

This year has to be a great year undoubtedly...i promise to blog more and be more socially active and also resurrect my YouTube channel (being lying inactive for 3 years).
If there is one thing i have learnt in life, it's that consistency and patience will take you to high places and keep you there, as long as you stay true to yourself and your passion and of course be the best version of yourself.

I appreciate you all and i hope this year, you finally talk yourself into doing what makes you feel happy...and don't forget to always show up looking your best, because i gat my eyes on scratch that...Show up looking your best because that's how you will be addressed. Until then,

Ivy Marshall