Hey Ladies, how are you doing (PS i said that in Wendy's voice) Okay so sit tight! this is something that you might wanna know about.

Our favorite MTV Base Africa veejay and diva Stephanie Coker...might just be the next genius to save womankind lol! She just recently launched a new hair line called "Krotchet Kulture" get that "Krotchet" is a line of Krotchet hair. Amazing!!!
I'm not really a fan of the crotchet hair, seemingly because i never found it to flatter me, but, when they look as good as they do on Stephanie Coker, you will be tempted to jump on that band-wagon!

She certainly had me fooled for a long time thinking that was the nicest braid ever! But nope, its a full head of amazing Krotchet hair...Krotchet braids as you should know, are protective hair styles we ladies can employ in keeping our hair from the stress of heat or damage or breakage. Especially in this era of more receding hairlines than baby hair lol! I find this simply amazing and beautiful. The best part is that it takes less than 30 minutes to get your Krotchet go from 0-100 looking beautiful real quick. 


For more details on how to get on this train, visit them @KrotchetKulture
I cant wait to have mine on...hope you do too .

Ivy Marshall