Hi ladies, lets talk serious for a moment...Its no news that the 'waist trainer' was a big trend in the year 2015. Every fashion house, every online website, Ladies at the gym, fashion bloggers, beauty vendors went on and on and either talked about it or had it on. Celebrities, never stopped obsessing about it, but sincerely what is your take on the waist trainer... should we move on with it into 2016 or should we forget about it? In my own opinion....HELL YES! (my opinion please)

Thanks to our favorite Brady bunch 'The Kardashians' (we have to give them credit), the waist trainer became a trend. Kim attributes it to helping her loose the post-baby belly fat and helping her regain her shape again. When Kim says stuff like that, trust designers to make the clincher available in all shapes and forms and us ladies to hurry up and splurge on them. But, do they really work? well ladies it does work alot!!!

In the recent past, actress Jessica Alba raved about how wearing a waist trainer day and night for three months helped her lose baby weight, and now we’ve got the entire Kardashian Klan (i had to stick with the K lol) sporting the waist trainer. 

 Kim is clearly obsessed with training her waist...she claims it helps her shed off all the baby fat. 

 Older sister Kourtney, followed in Kims steps after having baby number 2. 

 Khloe has been rocking an enviable body lately...she attributes it to her instense and committed work- out routine as well as her premadonna waist trainer.

  Even the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan Kylie cant seem to do without a waist trainer. 

 Amber rose gave us a glimpse of her waist trainer.

 Musicians; Ciara and Casey showed of their waist trainers. 

So this brings me back to the million dollar question? Are these for show...do they really work? Well ladies, we must have read or heard about the series of damages these waist clinchers can do to your body and how detrimental they can be on your organs. But, my take on this topic in particular is very different, not because i dont believe it has a downside, but because i have seen it in action and i have seen the wonders it performs on reducing belly fat. So yes, this is'nt for show!!!
Wearers of waist clinchers have been known to shed alot of belly fat, which we know is a major problem area for most women. Also, most people can testify it helps in bulidng your self confidence; most ladies feel better when they wear clothes and don't have to worry about one body part sticking out or the other in an unflattering way...

However, my little advice to ladies is, don't over do it!!! Have a target you want that waist at and go for it...It is a very overwhelming feeling as you soon start to reach for the stars wanting that hour glass figure, don't!!! More so, ladies are advice to work out with their clinchers not just wear them at home sitting all day, you want to work on that tummy muscle, so when the clincher goes out there's something there to fantasize about. 

One of my favorite inspirations to use a clincher has been this beautiful lady up here...Hair and make up stylist Edee Beau. She started her waist training journey as you can see up there and now she has a banging body. Anything that makes a woman feel sexier and better in and out of clothes is definitely going to get my approval..so yes!!! we are marching gracefully into 2016 with out waist trainers...

oh!!! that's me getting my waist training on *wink wink*

Think otherwise...leave your comments down below
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