Hi Ladies, so today's post is long over due. Another post would be up soon about 'Investing in your natural hair' that would be more general and easier to relate to, but for now lets take on this weave business.

When it comes to hair, all women can relate. Its no news that most of us African American/Black women sometime have hair troubles. We do not grow/own the long and luscious hair we desire. (Yes! i speak on behalf of all Nigerian women hehe).
Occasionally we turn to our hair extensions to amp our look...and trust me, they do an amazing work.  I am of the opinion that weaves/extensions are of the essential in amplifying and completing every woman's look when they are an option. Sadly, a handful of people still disagree. This leads me to put the following questions out here;

Do you know your hair style accounts for about 50% of your entire look? Half the time people cant even concentrate on your outfit because your hair is either really amazing or really unkempt and a huge mess.


Its also no secret that these days a lot of ladies have turned to hair extensions/weaves as their saviors. Trust me its no crime, if you cant grow it then buy it. Also, before someone out there screams 'I'm Natural i don't need to buy it', you should know that hair extensions/weaves could also act as protective covering to your natural hair and prevent it from breakage or damage due to the effect of harsh weather conditions or the heat of styling. 

  This therefore brings us to today's discussion 'investing in good hair extensions'. Since we ladies now know the important role our hair plays in perfecting our look, how far would we go to get the right hair extension/weavon. 

Hair extensions come in different types and lengths, Yaki, Mongolian, Chinese, Indian, Remy etc you name it. Also, they can be bleached, dyed, curled, straightened...just as you can do with normal growing hair. Though good, ethical human hair extensions are quite expensive. From celebrities to everyday professionals to top CEOs, many proudly spend top bank on what they consider an investment—hair—with a price tag that can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands per installment. 

People would say to me 'Yes they look pretty but they are too expensive, hair is hair, either ways you don't need to break the bank'. Investing in good hair extensions go along way to help you. Good quality hair last for a very long time if shampooed, conditioned and looked after properly, and that saves you a lot of money and regrets from condemning tons of third-grade synthetic hair; which are always the more affordable options. Quality over quantity ladies!!!

 How do you get good quality extensions? These days, the internet is crawling with hair vendors from all works of life and with all types of extensions, its better to go with a referral or with someone or a line that is known, tried and trusted. You dont want to gamble with your cash or your look. Statistics say, that in the multi million-dollar beauty market, African American women account for a major portion of hair extension buyers and wearers and this has opened a market for predators.

What should be your budget? Don't go overboard, we all know how expensive they can be so don't go after the extremely expensive luscious weaves, they are the ones that appear to you in your dreams. Go for something within your price range and something that doesn't leave you in debt. If they are beyond your price range, save up for it. If they are within your price range go for it. 

What next? style that hair to perfection and enjoy your look. Its important you have a good hair stylist that has actual knowledge of preserving your weaves, proper hair styling; you don't want excessive heat applied without a heat spray and most of all good products to apply on your weave.

What about my leave outs? I have untamed hair!!! Thankfully hair extensions now have closures that would help all our natural sisters and sisters with untamed hair get laid to perfection!!!

NOTE; Weaves should only be worn for 3-4 weeks at a time as your scalp needs to breathe! Wearing the same weave style for more than this time period without washing can lead to unsanitary conditions that can also lead to hair loss. Change it up!!! Invest in a good wig it would help save your scalp some damages and your wallet some loss. 

Ladies i think you get my drift but before i go i have to give the final and most important advise; Invest more in your natural hair. Good hair extensions will come and go but your hair may never stop growing. So while investing, don't forget your hair. It's important to deep condition your natural hair before attaching a weave and also, treat you natural hair to good hair care products and scalp treatments as much as you can and let your scalp breathe from time to time. 

So ladies, the next time you are about to get that weave that you strongly crave and can afford...go for it!!! Looking good is good business.

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Ivy Marshall