Hi beautiful Ladies and today i decided to add a new section to my blog. As seen above in the caption its titled 'Closet Raid'. In this section, i will showcase a fashion-forward individual and their closet. It would reveal their choices of impeccable fashion and style, unique pieces they own and sport and also their splurges. Basically i would troll and raid closets we consider must-have's and to-die-for.

Launching this section i had to raid none other than Miss Linda Ikeji. She is our first and very worthy fashionista. She is Africa's most popular blogger and she also happens to be a very fashion forward lady. With a bank account like hers we can only imagine what goes on in her closet. Well ill say no more, lets find out.

Linda recently gave us a sneak peak of her new closet space... her shoes are stacked nicely and as you can see...they are far from basic. 

When you have a bank account Linda, what would you splurge on? we'll find out below shortly. I always tell people that most times quality is always better than pays to have a really good pair of shoe that would take your outfit to a different level as opposed to having a fleet of basic shoes.

 From Giuseppe's to Chanel's to Loubs to YSL's to Prada's... she buys them all by the number. Well she has definitely earned it so she is allowed to splurge and trust me she doesn't hesitate.  They say give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world, this lady puts that saying to work.

For those of us Fashion forward lady's, who know and follow linda's fashion we know she has a lot of chanel bags. A chanel boy bag retails on the average for about $3,800-$4,600 and as you can see she has them in different sizes and colors....SPLURGE!!!

Linda also loves to splurge on other classy designer brands, as seen above she is rocking a Fendi Python Bag, those retail for about $2,500.

She was also spotted rocking a Vercase Vanitas quilted shoulder bag...this baby goes for a whooping estimate of about $1,950

And yes she also has it in pink...hehehe

Chanel's are an everyday accessory for the entertainment blogger.

 She is rocking the Chanel Spring Summer Denim 2015 collection...this bag retails for a whooping $4,600 *coughs* 

Of course when youre linda you have to switch it up sometimes so you dont get bored... buy some Zanotti's and some Christian Dior. 

Lady Dior bags retail for about $5,000 and the Zanotti sandals retail for $1,000.

 Did you miss the part were i said Dior lady bags go for $5,000 each... Our fashionista has them in over two colors. why buy one when you can have three duh!

 Linda rocking Dolce and Gabnna hand woven bag with shoes to match.

 You literally are your happiest and most confident when you have an outfit you appreciate on. 

She says they are her favorite bags, the Louis Vuitton Capucine bags...they retail for $5,600 and of course she has them in Blue, Black and beige.

In a pair of Jimmy Choo avril denim effect suede pumps these babies retail for about $595 dollars. 

We could go on and on about the fabulous pieces and luxurious items this lady holds in her fashion fortress but we have to conclude. We love Linda's style and have definitely enjoyed raiding her closet. The beautiful part about this closet raid is that without the price tags being attached, this pieces have been styled in the simplest manner. Kudos Girl!

Ladies you might not have a bank account like Linda but we still will be raiding your closets for its uniqueness. Beauty and style come from within and we should never forget to do what makes us happy and be the best versions of ourselves. 

Ivy Marshall