This wont be a beauty blog if i dint rave about the soon-to-air 2015 Miss Universe pageant now would it...So lets talk!

The 2015 Miss Universe pageant is here again and would be airing on the 20th of December, on FOX TV. Fans all around the world would be able to tune in and watch as the next Miss Universe gets crowned. This is the 64th Miss Universe pageant and would be held at THE AXIS, Las Vegas, Nevada. 80 contestants will compete this year...and without further ado lets meet these age and gravity-defying beauties.

Pictures after the cut;

 Miss Aregntina
 Miss Albania

 Miss Aruba

Miss Angola

 Miss Austria 

Miss Australia 

 Miss Bahamas 

Miss Belgium

 Miss Brazil

Miss Bolivia

 Miss British Virgin Island 

Miss Bulgaria 

 Miss Cayman Islands 

Miss Canada

 Miss Chile

Miss China

Miss Columbia 

 Miss Costa Rica

Miss Croatia

Miss Curacu

Miss Czech Republic

Miss Dominican Republic
Miss Denmark

Miss Ecuador

Miss El Savador

Miss Finland

Miss France

Miss Gabon

 Miss Germany

Miss Georgia

 Miss Ghana
Miss Great Britain 

 Miss Greece 

Miss Guatemala

 Miss Guyana

 Miss Hungary

 Miss India

 Miss Indonesia

Miss Haiti

How glamorous do they look in their evening gowns...tough call for the judges aye! Paulina Vega of Colombia will crown her successor at the end of the event.Good luck tothe lady who walks away with the crown, ill be sure to feature her here. 

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