Hi Ladies, so today I'm passively obsessing about one of the most creative Nigerian women i know. She is a refreshingly multi-talented fashion designer, an impeccable fashionista, has a unique sense of style and most of all a very graceful approach to her craft...She is none other than (drum roll) 'Andrea Iyamah'

She is the creative designer of the Andrea Iyamah brand. She specializes in ready-to-wear swimwear, couture and a newly established line of bridal wear. She has established herself as a force to reckon with in the fashion community in Nigeria and the international community has embraced her with arms wide open.

Starting out at an early age of 17, she developed a flare for fashion and arts. She went ahead to gain skills in tailoring and further educated herself in fashion and that fueled the creation and birth of the A.I brand.

Since establishment, she has remained consistent to her passion and has been on the wide path of success. Featured in international magazines like cosmopolitan UK, ebony magazine etc there is no stopping Andrea.
Also, celebrities both international and from Africa have been seen splurging on the AI brand. We ladies know how important it is to have a nice pair of swimwear. We (i mostly) love Andrea for her uniqueness and her addition to the world of fashion and style and are inspired by her.

Pictures down below;


        From the AI line of Swimwears 

American Celebrity sensation and fashion designer; Angela Simmons in Andrea Iyamah swimwear.

      Fashion Blogger Claire summers rocking some Andrea Iyamah swimwear

   Reality Star and talk show host Adrienne Bailon rocking Andrea Iyamah swimwear 

 Nigerian musician Mo Cheddah in some Andrea Iyamah swimwear.

Its wonderful how one day we are conceiving a dream and the next day we are leaving our dreams...all because we remained true to ourselves and that consistent to that dream. 
Ladies dont let anything stop you or hold you back...Be inspired 

Ivy Marshall