So for those of you non-Nigerians wondering what the heck is 'Asoebi' well...its our African way of referring to our elegant traditional outfits. 
The reason while fashion and style is so timeless is because there is always room for improvement, innovations and renovations. Back in the days, a lot of the  young-stars left the Asoebi wearing to the older ones. But, these days we cant seem to have enough if it. 
Statement pieces, beautifully coloured and patterned to fit our curvaceously endowed body (lol I'm describing half naija ladies). Not to leave out our statement head-piece 'gele' or head gear...culture is indeed a way of life, So why don't we ladies switch it up a little and make things beautiful.

Pics after the cut; 


Don't the ladies look all glammed up and sure to check back for volume 2. 
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