Hey ladies, so today I'm reaching out to you specially. This whole message has always been lingering on in my head but i guess today i had some inspiration to share it with you all.
Not every lady is fashionable and out-going and loves fashion, but, every lady owes it to herself to at least look good and presentable. Most times, girls/ladies feel they need a lot of money to look good. Yes! you need money to buy clothes and shoes and bags but, you don't need a lot of money before you look presentable and good.
I don't have the best clothes in the world, or the best shoes in the world or the largest walk-through closet, but, i like looking good or at least looking presentable and nice. 'looking good equals feeling good' when you look good there is this sense of satisfaction you feel when you walk into a room or a crowd of people. You don't feel shy or embarrassed because you think your clothes are horrible and faded or tacky and not well tailored or ironed. 
When you go out looking and feeling good, you feel confident of yourself. Ladies will say no one looks or complements me when i go out ;( well, sorry to disappoint you but its because you don't look worthy of complements. No one, who has eyes sees something good and calls it bad.
They saying 'dress the way you wish to be addressed' has to be one of the best quotes ever. You cant go out in torn clothes, or rags and expect not to be called a mad woman (lol).
Also, you don't need to rob a bank to look good and be appreciated and feel good. about yourself. Work with what you have and make the best of it.Wear the right clothes for the right occasions and not all the shinny things you have because you want to make and impression.
Most importantly, if you stick with one style for two long it becomes boring, same pattern and color of clothes, same hair style same make up...switch it up. Do something different and you will see the good reviews you will get. Work with your body shape and wear clothes that flatter you not those that make you look plumpy and ridiculous.

One of my best celebrity transformations has to be Kelly Osbourne. She went from Punk/rock/goth to classic chic and i must say it has worked beautifully for her self esteem and career.