Hey guys :) welcome yet another edition of my FASHION POLICE...The things i see on red carpet these days, leaves me dumb-founded! I'm like what where they thinking...Anyways, i am not a critic or the most fashionable person in the world BUT, i have eyes and i can see so i speak from the abundance of my mouth. Don't hate me or judge me xoxoxo

I'm so over Barbs hotness...yes, we are all aware that she has a good body and is sexy for an older woman, but tying an oversize tee because you want to show of your flat stomach is so 1990. Thats why we have crop top this days. Then the skirt, i don't even know where to place it. That side slit looks so awful beneath her protruding hips and doesn't flatter her knee-cap at all. Then the peep-toe shoes are just plain ugly as well as her bangles. That superman face cap is mortifying and her make up was obviously done by a clown. That LOL on her shirt doesn't make things easier for her with the way she is dressed. (sigh...NEXT!!!)

Eku Edewor at the Grey Goose best music party, in a white crop-top and high waist bandage skirt and a mini L/V tote...well she looks pretty tired hence the #roughhaiardontcare lol accessories and sandals are nice and simple.

Gbemi Phillips; rocking an LBD although i can see she clearly has the wrong undergarments on. Those boobs need to be tapered. Accessories and shoes are simple and nice. 

 Vina and Beverly Naya; I love me some Beverly Naya and she is rocking those briads like a pro. Both ladies look stunning and simple.Vina rocks a falling neck top and casual blue jeans and some peep toe heels, Beverly rocks a high-waisted striped pants and a crop top with an embellished neckline and a louis vuitton clutch.
 This i had to share...don't know the girl, but the jumpsuit is highly inappropriate for the red carpet and the event. The cut-outs are the least trashy, the boots makes the look strip club appropriate. Is it just me or can her see her nipples, well that is what you get when you rock a cut-out leather outfit. Although, that body is banging hot!

Yeni Kuti;  dare i speak!

Annie Idibia; this lady needs a stylist for sure. She looks terrible, especially for an event of such magnitude. Her Husband is being celebrated with a legend Femi Kuti and she decides to show up in the colors of the rainbow. Silver pointies, yellow pants (seriously) and orange top with matching accessories and that new hairdo urghhh (NEXT!!!)

Toke Makinwa; at the 2kings concert, she by far is the best dressed at this event. The dress is beautiful and features gold embelishments down the center. This is how you attend a night time event sparkling and radiant. The shoes and her hair perfecto!

 A Nigerian Lady, left her house like this, to an event to celebrate to kings 2face and Femi Kuti. OMG i ROTFLMAO when i saw this. She obviously missed her road from a rodeo to this red carpet. All she is missing is her bull or horse and of course ropes. 

 I Cant see beyond those legs arghh this is what gets me saying 'na wa' the colors are painfully too much ma'am. Awful awful combination.

 This 2kings red carpet must really have been a comic center. This lady came in her own costume. WTF is that thing behind her head. HMMM (NEXT!!!)

 The outfit is nice and clearly she is bold to be rocking a see through top. But did she have to go and match her lips with the shoe SMH (NEXT!!!)

 God bless this lady for looking so elegant, sexy and classy. that glitter sparkling dress is a steal and her hair is properly wrapped. The shoes and clutch bag, just  perfect the look.

The lady looks so good although she went over board with the red accessories. I feel like she should have taken a scissors and cut that rose off her chest. Its so unattractive and unnecessary.

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Ivy Marshall