Ashanti vs Brooke Bailey; well Brooke wore this Outfit first, then Ashanti wore hers. I'm bumped they went for same color of shoe. It is a $95 Rue 107 Checkered dress. Who wore in BETTER? I vote Ashanti those pumps just set her look far apart from Brooke who chose an open-toe sandals. 

Its Obvious where Kris Jenner shopped for this outfit *wink*. Kim wore this red lace Valentino cocktail dress for the launch of her perfume in London and 11 months after her mommager spotted the same dress. who wore it BETTER? As much as i loved Kim's look, i have to hand it to her mum, to me she rocked it better with those red pumps.

Taraji .P. Henson vs Tatiana Ali in a Stella & Jamie Forest green ribbed knit dress. Taraji spiced her look with Jimmy Choo Sandals while Tatiana wore red single strap sandals. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the dress. Who wore it BETTER? Tatiana Ali it is for me, since the dress looks so boring on both of them, i picked her because the color of her shoe  was more appropriate with the dress. 

Kim vs Mum again in a Stella Mccartney dress with sheer panel down the side. Hmm why will they both show off their spanks (fashion felony). Anyways who wore it BETTER? Kim did! those shoes match and fit the dress and she is working it like a pro.

Lauren London vs Thandie Newton in a Miguel T-shirt. who wore it BETTER? i vote Lauren London, the shorts and pumps...she looks like a rock-star.

 Kim and Mum again! Kris Jenner wont leave her daughter's closet lol...Both in a Saint Lauren black dress. Who wore it BETTER? Well sadly, ill have to say Kris Jenner, she looked less pregnant and less uncomfortable and the boots totally better than kim's pumps.

Isibor Norwe vs Genevieve Nnaji in a yellow flowing gown, styled by same artist (April by Kunbi). who wore it BETTER? I love how Genevieve is simple with hers but i have to give this one to Norwe who looks better, the hair and accessories stand out and makes the look fun.

 Tika Sumpter vs Kourtney Kardashian in same Azzedine Alaia's black cut out pumps ( i love those shoes). Who wore it BETTER? I love Kourtney but my girl Tika wore this one way better. Pairing the pupms with those short shorts hot!