Very Tragic indeed! I was so shocked and so sad to find out about the passing of this beautiful talented make up artist. How sad, life is indeed short. One minute its burning like a flame filled with happiness and smiles and the next minute the lights go off :(
I just got to know the lady and i stumbled upon her page on Instagram and i was indeed impressed by her work (makeovers) and i started following her. From time to time she would upload pictures of her work and as a make up lover i would commend her. Its so sad because death has claimed her from the make up world and the world in general. Oh! death how sad and inevitable. Death knows no one and no joy and has taken a sister from us. Deprived us from witnessing and enjoying a talent so unique, taken away the smiles we get after seeing ourselves transformed into beauty just by the work of her hands.

Adenike Ogungbe, passed away yesterday in a hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Just a day after giving birth. She gave birth early Tuesday morning, fell into a coma which she never came out of and died yesterday afternoon. Her baby is doing fine and healthy.
My prayers and heart goes out to her and her family.
Perpetual light shine upon her and may her soul rest in peace. AMEN

see some of her amazing below