This is a new thing I'm starting...The fashion face-off, where i compare people who i think have almost the same style or who just remind me of each other fashion wise or two people who i think are in a fashion feud or who just unfortunately have the same taste of fashion and afterwards pick a winner :) of the fashion-off.

Todays fashionista's are two very different league of people. One is a real duchess Kate Middleton and one is a baby Suri Cruz (Tom Cruz's daughter). A baby with a very cool style. They are always caught in the same types of outfits or colors its almost like its intentional.

Pics after the cut
 Kate Middleton and Suri cruise both rocking Polka dot, i see pictures of them a lot and trust me someone is stealing someone's style lol

 Both ladies rocking baby blue 

 Kate at an event in a green dress and metallic sandals, Suri that same week out and about with mum, sported a metallic block-heeled sandals 

 Both Ladies (cant believe i'm calling suri a lady) in a white pleated dresses. Suri is cuter here.

 Kate out and about with her royl duties is spotted in a red trench and of course a hat to go, Suri in a red dress accesssorises with a red flowered band.

Both ladies rocking similar Cream colored trench coat. Kate wears hers with a hose and black court shoes, baby sure sticks to her socks and sneaks.

Both ladies rocking prints and head accessories.

Again both Suri and Kate wear similar grey colored jacket, who's is copying who?

And our winner of the Fashion face-off is...... (drum roll) 
Although Suri Cruise is the most stylish baby ever, Kate snags this one. The Duchess has the fashion sense of a Duchess. Chic, regal and top-notch classy.